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Integrating your security at your home or business with sensors, cameras, lighting, door locks and all controlled from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Control4 provides the easy to use program that will give you this ability but also provides peace of mind.   


Network Video Recorders are becoming more in demand, allowing you to access recorded footage if someone uninvited entered the premisses.  From your smart phone you can review footage or have access to real-time viewing of your security cameras.  

The One-Touch Smart Locks controlled using Control4 give you that extra piece of mind if you don't remember or need to know if your home was locked. Using the smart phone app you can see all the status of the doors in your home, even open the door for your trusted flower delivery.  

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Text Alerts from Control4 letting you know an intruder or someone is approachcing the door via text toyour mobile device whilst away or program it that if someone comes to the house after midnight that the alarms at the house sound and lighting flasshing. It can also provide you with usefull feedback such as water leak or system failures in the home

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