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Maintanance Service

Once the installation is completed by us or others, it's often forgotten to look after you equipment on a regular basis.

Dust, insects, heat, moisture no software updates and even vibrations sometimes be a cause of equipment failure or loosen  connections etc.  This is why as part of the Domodo maintenance contract, our team is on call to help you in any way we can so that you can fully enjoy the features of your space. We monitor from our data centre the health of your systems 24/7. We can fix most problems remotely, even before you realize you have had one.  Fast guaranteed response times in case an engineer is required on site. 

Whats comes in our standard service Package?
  • Two Engineer visits per year

  • Remote Management 24/7(requires additional hardware)

  • One hour call-back response, engineer on site within 24 hours

  • Regular updates on all software and firmware

  • Any reprogramming for setting changes

  • Visual inspection and cleaning of all equipment

  • International maintenance service 


Please speak to us for further information about which plan would be suitable for your home and costs.


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